Author: Lindsay Guion

5 Accessory Gifts That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

by | Posted November 16, 2022 | Fashion
With Halloween in the rearview, we’re heading full force into the holiday season. And while we’ve got most of our big gifts sorted out, we

How to Wear Your Hoodie Like a Trendsetter?

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The warm and loose-fitting hoodie is something of a modern menswear staple. You can usually find them in any guy’s wardrobe, and they are the go

Which One is Right for You, Hoodies or Sweatshirts?

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There are many choices to make when getting dressed each day, but one of the most important is deciding whether to reach for a sweatshirt or hoodie. T

What Does Tri-Blend Exactly Mean?

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We often hear the term “tri-blend” thrown around without actually knowing what it means. Most people assume that it’s a mix of three

5 Reasons Why You Need A Sleep Mask For Better Sleep

by | Posted November 8, 2022 | Food for thought
According to a CDC study, more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. One of the reasons for this could be l

7 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Yoga Mat

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Whether you are positioning your body in a pigeon pose or breathing through a flowing bridge pose, you want your yoga mat not to hinder your practice

5 Amazing Benefits of Using Honey on Your Face

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Skincare is very important to us. We all want to have perfect skin, but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve. Luckily, there are a few things that

3 Tips on How to Accessorize with Tote Bags

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Tote bags are one of the most versatile bag styles. They can be dressed up or down and go with just about any outfit. Whether you’re headed to t

Mental Health Programs for Black Americans – Therapy That Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

by | Posted July 11, 2022 | Mental Wellness
Did you know that among the 16.4 percent of the US population who identify as Black American, more than 16 percent have reported a case of mental ill

Knowing How to Maneuver Triggers is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

by | Posted July 11, 2022 | Mental Wellness
The first thing that comes to mind when we think about triggers is trauma and negative connotations. However, we can also link some triggers to happin