The Positives and Negatives of Getting Back with your Ex

Every relationship takes work, which means two people can never completely agree on everything. There will always be differences between opinions, and how both parties resolve that will determine whether a relationship lasts or ends.

The best relationships are built on love and respect, so it’s best to have mutual understanding and consideration for each other before deciding if it’s really the end.

Returning to a former partner is not always easy, but doubts can pop into your head when the flame is still alive. “Should I give my ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend another chance?”, “Is it good to try again?” You may be asking yourself these questions. Every relationship is a world in itself. However, every coin has two sides, and returning to an ex can be good and evil.

Reasons Why Relationships Crumble

The first thing you should think about when getting back together with your ex is to evaluate whether it is a good idea. If the reason you broke up was because of a minor argument, then you should use the time apart to reflect on the state of your relationship and weigh if it’s worth saving. If one of you has cheated, you have a lot to consider before getting back with your ex.

It is difficult to return to a former lover who has been unfaithful to you, but people can overcome such situations. Before you approach your ex, evaluate the relationship: did it last more than three months? (Three months is considered to be the average length of the first stage of a relationship.) Did you share a life? Did you/your partner feel remorse for their actions? Did you/they apologize and promise it wouldn’t happen again? Did you forgive them, or did they forgive you? This self-reflective act will help evaluate the extent to which the relationship can be salvaged or not.

Advantages of Returning to your Ex

Getting back to your ex might not be a terrible idea after all. There are numerous benefits attached to getting back with your former lover.

  1. You have a chance at a higher success rate where both of you can be happy.
  2. You learn from your mistakes.
  3. You grow closer with your partner upon coming back together.
  4. You create a healthy environment for your children (if you have any).

Disadvantages of Returning to your Ex

Everything with an advantage must have a disadvantage. So, what are the disadvantages of returning to your ex?

  1. You indirectly close the door of opportunity for a better person to come into your life.
  2. You might not have forgiven your ex for their mistakes, which may create tension and another string of problems.
  3. You might just be getting back to your ex because it feels more comfortable than starting a new relationship.

Either way, you end up deciding what direction to take. If you think that your ex is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, go ahead and reconcile. However, if you feel that you need someone new in your life, don’t hold back because it’s something you might regret later.

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